Autumn’s here! 

Nothing’s better than the first days of autumn! There’s still enthusiasm towards cold weather, you take out all your scarfs and put on some jazzy music.. Trust me we all feel like this but I’m a month we’ll wish back all the summer feelings. 

And then when it gets reaaaally cold we don’t like fall at all. However, it’s the same thing every year, so enjoy it while you can! I got me a pumpkin spice latte, put on some acoustic Eric Clapton and sat on my sofa.. Until I realized that I had an exam tomorrow! 

Well, see you in 24 hours when I come out of my study hole 😣

Happy first day of autumn! (I know it’s not yet, but the weather here in Germany is always early, like a true german!)



Turns out that my blog password really wasn’t what I thought it was because I struggled for entire 2 months to log in 😀

Anyways, I’m here now and I’m hopefully here to stay! Look forward for many fall and winter DIYs! 

But for the moment: enjoy the beginning of cold weather with Nat King Cole 🍂🍃

Nat King Cole – Autumn Leaves

I’m still alive!

Hey y’all!

I’m sorry, guys, for not posting anything since last weekend and now I could say the same words I said in my last post: HELLO, WEEKEND!

But that’s not my reason for posting something.
I wanted to give you a music tip.

If you’re into rap but not the aggressive type but more the I-want-something-less-normal kind of type I preent to you: LEFTBOY!
He is very talented, most of his music is free, he uses samples to create his own beats and they’re always sick but also great to listen to. He doesn’t only rap it’s more like chanting and rhyming.

I really love his style and he is only famous here in Germany and Austria (well he is austrian). His real name is Ferdinand. Here is my Top 5:

  1. Healthy Ego
  2. Feelings for You
  3.  Hundred K
  4. Your Song
  5. Jack Sparrow

I hope you like him as much as I do, I just love his style!

Have fun listening

Hello, weekend!


Happy weekend everybody! Whether you still have to work or not, I hope you will have a great weekend. Just keep in mind that every once in a while, your body has to relax, so even if you have plenty of stuff to do this weekend, do yourself a favor and rest a little bit, too. That’s what weekands are for, ya know?

I’m really happy about this weekend because my week was very stressful. Now I have time to treat myself.

Oh, and.. DIYs are coming soon, as well as book and music recommendations.
Thanks to everybody who follows my blog, comments or likes posts, it really helps me and motivates me to go on with this blog.

See ya soon!


Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.
Henry David Thoreau

Well, good evening with this quote. It may not be late in your country but in Germany – where I live – it is.

What I like about this quote: it’s so damn true! You can create yourself, the person ou really want to be. It’s up to you and how you think about yourself. No one else can decide who you are. Only your thinking influences your true self, what you become.
SO GO GET’EM! BE YOURSELF! Don’t let others decide who you are.

So, if you are ever in need of motivation, go back to this post and think about Thoreau, who already knew – I mean he lived in the middle of the 19th century – that it is only up to you, who you become and you can change yourself anytime and become a prouder, stronger, kinder and even a better person.

Wow this went from thoughtful to educational real quick. Whatever, I hope you have a nice evening (Hello, fellow europeans), morning or afternoon.



Welcome to my blog!


Hey and welcome to my blog!

My name is Sofia and I’m 16! You may not know me (unless you’re one of my friends – stalker!) and that’s not a problem. I’m here to share DIYs, lifestyle, photos, music, books and a lot of other stuff with you. Not only to inspire you but to share my ideas and to get feedback.

Since the internet is a perfect room for sharing ideas, I decided to make a blog and post everyday about things I encounter, things I like or things I created. That makes it much cooler to even create something when I know that other people notice.

I hope that I can inspire you and you are invited to do so as well.